Award Winning & Nutritional

Award winning, Australian owned and grown, and nutritious - natures perfect snack!



Koala Popcorn has a 4 Health Rating for all our fab flavours.


It has also won the NSW Food Week Award from the Better Health Innovation NSW School Canteen Association:


  • Nutritional criteria in line with the Dietary Guidelines for Australians

  • Intrinsic value including taste, convenience, appetite appeal and Affordability

  • Relatively new product undertaken through  local research and development.

















Our popcorn is grown on our farms using only natural nitrogen from crop rotation as fertilizer. This lets nature produce the perfect low fat, high fibre corn kernel.

Our state of the art cooking plant uses heated air to pop to perfection, then a misting of premium vegetable oil (a great source of omega 6 and omega 3) ensures your freshly popped corn has an even distribution of our natural flavourings. It's on the popcorn and not in the bottom of the packet!

It is gluten free, air popped and has no animal products - perfect for vegans too.

*Above based on Salted


Koala Popcorn is one of the heathiest snacks for the whole family.

All Natural, 100% Australian, Gluten Free, Air Popped, Vegetarian and Nut Free. 

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